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Work in hotels in USA

Kingsbrook USA Inc.
PMB # 117,
303 B Anastasia Boulevard,
FL 32080 USA
Tel : 1 904 5400013
Fax 1 904 4614275
e mail : Kbamericainc@aol.com


For the cost of the program please contact us: 

Work, train and gain invaluable experience by joining our exciting PAID Hotel traineeship program in the USA  
-    Expand your hospitality knowledge and skills
-    Train to be a manager in one of the worlds leading Hotels or Resorts
-    Learn new cultures and experience life in a different country
-    Return home with a broad in-depth knowledge of Hotel & Resort operations
Kingsbrook USA Inc. services will include
-    Resume and Interview Preparation
-    Step by step guidance in the application process including US Sponsorship and Medical insurance
-    Placement of applicant into a PAID Traineeship in the USA
-    Guidance in applying for USA J-1 Visa
-    Airport pick-up in the USA ? available in some states
-    Accommodation assistance ? if applicable in contract
-    Assistance with Social Security Number
-    Assistance with opening of USA Bank Account
-    On going support while you are undertaking your traineeship throughout your stay.


What qualifications or experience do I need?
  1. Associate studies or  Diploma or Degree from a Professional School, College, or University or 2 years of Industry experience.
  2. Have prior training or experience in Hospitality (of at least 3 - 6 months) - preferred
  3. Aged between 20 and 35 years
What Trainee positions are available?  
  1. Front Office GSA / Rooms Division Management
  2. Food & Beverage Management
  3. Culinary Management
  4. Horticulture and Landscaping
  5. Engineering/Maintenance
What and where are the participating Hotels & Resorts?
We place candidates into four & five star Hotels throughout the USA such as Marriott's, Hiltons, Hyatt's, Renaissance, Inter-continental and Sheraton, Fairmont's etc.  However we also have luxury boutique properties.  At the time of your application a list of available hotels and resorts and their location will be discussed with you.  
How long will the process take?
From the time we receive you Stage 1 documents to the time you depart to the USA can take between 12 - 14 weeks.  
How much will it cost?
     The total cost  will cover you for USA J-1 Sponsorship and 18-months worth of medical insurance and all other costs listed below.  Part of the requirements for the J-1 Visa category is that medical insurance must be paid in full before the J-1 Visa issued).  
You will need to:
  1. Purchase your own flight ticket to the USA.
  2. Fees :Apply Now
  3. Cover your placement charges        
  4. Processing your visa papers        
  5. Medical coverage for entire stay        
  6. Airport pick up in some cities only    Total cost of program - consult us    

Visa application and endorsement fees are applicable and paid to the USA embassy at the time of securing your J-Visa .

How many hours a week will I work and what is the pay?
Your working week will be an average of 35 - 40 hours per week (depends on he Hotel); any additional hours will be paid at overtime rates. Contracts vary from hotel to hotel but usually wages are between US $ 7.00 ? US $10.00 per hour depending on your qualifications & experience.  
How do I apply?
Stage 1
To ensure that your J-1 traineeship application is processed efficiently and quickly, please E-mail documents below, Resume, Cover Letter & Statement of purpose in word format ONLY including a scanned photo to kbamericainc@aol.com
1.    Application Form
2.    Resume (detailed) in word format only
3.    Cover letter (the position you are applying for) in word format only
4.    Statement of purpose (why you want to participate in the program) in word format only
5.    color Photo. Passport size and . jpg format (if no scanning facility mail it to our office) we will scan it for you.
6.    Registration costs
7.    At this stage, we will evaluate your application and forward your details to the Hotels.
Stage 2
We will arrange for a telephone interview with your prospective employer.  will notify you of date, time and relevant information for your Hotel or Resort interview.  
This process will take approximately 4 to 6  weeks.
Step 3
Hotel confirms and job appointment and we issue you the job letter and other paperwork for you to sign.
Now at this stage you need to send rest of the documents and payment to file for your sponsorship.  When it is ready we will send it out to you by courier and you go to the embassy to get a stamp in your passport